Get The Skinny (or not) On Fructose


When we first arrived overseas, we noticed that we had to order “Coca Cola Light” instead of “Diet Coke”and we thought it tasted better. Somebody that had been living there a lot longer than us enlightened us with a story about how the Coca Cola products in the US are made with high fructose corn syrup but it’s banned in Europe. The Coca Cola products in Europe are made with simple sugar (and tastes so much better, btw) because the HFCS is so bad for you. Of course I googled this as soon as I was able to and the articles are endless about this topic. Then just this morning I came across another article relating the fructose to obesity. I don’t think this comes as much of a surprise to anybody but now that I’m living back in the US and find HFCS even in yogurt, I have to ask myself “what CAN I eat in America and how is this even allowed in so many foods and drinks?!” Click here to continue reading the article that caught my eye and got me thinking.