High Protein Snacks…Don’t Leave Home Without Them


This morning I left the house to take the kids to school. I had scheduled a social meeting with some of the school moms at our local Starbucks after morning dropoff. We met and chatted for 2 hours (What? A mom needs to socialize sometimes, okay?) and then I headed to the mall to redeem some gift certificates I received for Christmas. I didn’t want to carb up on a muffin or scone and didn’t want all those calories just to be starving in an hour, but then I’m at the mall and what are my choices? Panda Express? McDonalds? I just can’t bring myself to do it after so recently vowing to start the New Year off with better eating habits and healthier choices…I mean…I gotta be able to make it a week with that idea! So, I did my shopping, bought a water bottle, and practically ate my arm off on the ride home. . All I could think about was cooking an egg or making a salad when I got there. So, here I sit at the computer, with my salad, determined to NOT let this hunger happen again. Here’s a great list that I found from Greatist.com of some high protein snacks that seem pretty easy to take on the go. Some of these aren’t going to bode well in my purse…ummm…cottage cheese? No. But some of these are definitely easy options. And some of these are just common sense…but can I remember to grab them from the kitchen and throw them in my purse BEFORE I actually have my morning coffee? 🙂