Top 10 Foods to NOT Store


My family’s move back from Germany to the US was unexpected and happened very fast. We knew for 2 weeks that we were leaving and then we were gone. Correction…my boys and I were gone leaving my husband to manage all the craziness there to get us packed and shipped out. When the packing company showed up to access our household goods, I was there with pen and paper to write down everything she said we could and couldn’t take. I was gonna try my very best to get everything taken care of before I left so that he didn’t have to deal with selling appliances and donating American boxed brownie mixes to my German friends. We basically had to throw out every single thing from the kitchen that we couldn’t pawn off on others…spices, olive oils, canned foods, boxed foods, everything. Now that I’m back in Tampa, I have to start new with my pantry and I have so much space now! What are the necessities? What should and shouldn’t I buy in bulk and keep stocked or not? (Don’t even get me started on how amazed I am at this couponing craziness that’s happened since I’ve been gone.) So, here’s a great list from the Survival Mom of the Top 10 Foods to NOT Store.



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