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Luna and I started this blog to talk about some of our struggles of keeping our families green, happy and healthy.  Our time spent abroad in Germany helped us understand some differences in our lifestyle and we would love to share it with you.   We’re a couple of women from different parts of the US that met while living overseas in Germany, on an expat assignment. We traveled Europe with our families, ate the local foods, and enjoyed every minute of it!  So now we’re back in the states and spend a lot of our time trying to find the most eco-friendly, natural and safe alternatives to our normal everyday needs.

We touch on many topics here from life to food to garden and of course health. For instance, we’ve recently started to focus on plant-based lifestyles but we know there is so much more. After all, we are in search of the most healthy life for our families.

Let’s Talk About Bread

To help put it into perspective for you, let’s talk about bread.  The difference of bread we found between America and how it was negatively affecting our kids was a bit of a shock for us.  In Germany, Luna lived above a bakery and her family ate fresh bread daily.  It was normal for us to feed the kids the delicious soft bretzels (pretzels) for snacks after school.  Within the first week of returning home, Luna’s kids started having stomach aches.  It seemed that the change in diet was really affecting the kids.  The thing was there wasn’t much of a difference, or at least that’s what we thought.  After some doctor visits it turned out that the kids developed a wheat allergy. How could this be?!! Two weeks ago, she was eating bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner without the side effects.  What’s the difference?!  And so began the endless label-checking that opened our eyes to a whole new world here.

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t those chicks that have always eliminated sugar, fried food and McDonald’s from our kid’s diets.  But the more we read labels, the more we were surprised at what we thought was good for our kids and what wasn’t. This begins our journey through eating and living back in America.


Jaime & Luna

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