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Grow Your Garden Made Easy

Luna was visiting me in Tampa over the holiday and I was able to take her and her family to one of the local strawberry farms for the best strawberry shortcake of her life (plug for Goodson’s Farm in Wimauma, FL here). Coming from Chicago, she couldn’t believe that it’s strawberry season in December. In between bites of sweet strawberries, cake, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, we started talking about how are these berries soooo delicious…do they use pesticides on them…what’s the best way to keep these strawberries tasting their best…how long will they last if we don’t refrigerate them? I mean, let’s be honest, we really didn’t need to worry about that last question because between 4 kids, those berries didn’t last two days. Planting my own berries wasn’t ever on my radar in Germany because I didn’t own the piece of grass out my back door. But here in Florida, I feel like I could do it. How and where do I start? Here’s a perfect way to help anybody start their own garden. If you have been holding off, then hold off no more (unless you live in Chicago and it’s too cold to start :)). Be sure to check out the good to be home blog for info about this post.


The Yogurt Wars

Wondering who wins in the Yoplait Go-gurt vs. Dannon Fruit on the Bottom vs. Dannon Activia match?  We did too.

We went to buy yogurt today. Yogurt has sugar, we get it. Our hope was to find something that was similar to what we ate in Germany. We wanted to try to find some healthy yogurt, not too sugary and doesn’t have aspartame.  Doesn’t sound hard, right? Well, let the yogurt wars begin :).

First we picked up what looked like a healthy yogurt.  Dannon sounded good and is well known.

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom

For one serving size, Dannon (Fruit on the Bottom) had 150 Calories and 24g of Sugar. Ok, got it, now let’s try Activia.

Activia sugar content

Activia sugar content lists 120 Calories and 19g of sugar for one serving. Ok, that sounds right. We expected it to be better than the Dannon Fruit on the Bottom. Now, just for kicks, let’s take a look at what the “sugary” kid’s yogurt has in it. Yoplait Go-gurt kind of scares me. Bright colors…looks fun…seems like it would have a lot of sugar. Believe it or not, GO-GURT HAS THE LEAST AMOUNT OF SUGAR OUT OF ALL THREE! Wait…what?!!! You think your kids should be eating the Activia or Dannon when they actually have MORE sugar than the kids choices?! We’ve been avoiding these as snacks and giving our kids the “healthy” options. And why are WE eating Activia?!! Or Dannon Fruit on the Bottom?!! Shocking doesn’t begin to describe this revelation and we haven’t been able to stop talking about it since that trip to the dairy section. Guess what’s being packed in lunch boxes this week.

Yoplait Go-gurt

We had some great feedback for our post :). We thought to add some common questions we were receiving. Enjoy!

Does a serving size of yogurt contain sugar?

Yes, absolutely. Take a look at Dannon Activia, Dannon fruit-on-the-bottom and Yoplait Go-gurt. All three of them contain sugar. Just make sure to read the details, we were surprised to learn that Yoplait Go-gurt had the least!

How many grams of sugar are in a serving size of yogurt?

It can greatly vary from brand to brand but based on our list we found the activia sugar content was at 24g per serving and Yoplait Go-gurt sugar contain was at 9g per serving.

How much sugar is in your beverage?

Compared to a serving of yogurt a regular can of regular soda contains more. A popular brand actually contains 39g of sugar and a can of diet soda has 0g of sugar.

Which yogurt has the least sugar?

Dannon Activia had 19g of sugar per serving. Dannon fruit-on-the-bottom had 24g of sugar. Yoplait Go-gurt had 9g of sugar! Now we only looked at the yogurts our kids enjoyed so this by no means is an exhaustive view.