Essential Oils For Great Prices…They Do Exist!

I’m so excited…I just trekked across town (well, not by foot..and technically, I rode along while my friend Aprile did the trekking…but not by foot, got it?) and found unbelievable prices for a huge selection of essential oils. Remember that post about my husband with his allergies and sinus issues? (No? Here’s a refresher) Well, I’ve been talking to so many people about oils and everyone has had an opinion. And then my friend sent me this link of a DIY Shower Decongestant that I decided I HAVE to make for my suffering husband.



But don’t be crazy. I refuse to pay $100 for four oils (which remain unnamed) ! Jackpot! How do you use your oils and what recipes are your favorites?


25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil


Let me tell you about the latest argument in my house. It was this morning. Because of a pimple. Yep. That’s what I said. My oldest son is officially a pre-teen (at least that’s what he tells me) at 11 years old. He plays competitive basketball 7 days a week. He’s sweaty. Every day. He’s wiping the sweat off his face with the collar of his tee shirt. He now has multiple whiteheads all around his nose and chin because he’s rubbing dirt and oil into his open pores. No problem, I said. I can help you, I said. Here’s some tea tree oil for it. But guess what…the testosterone in my house far outweighs the estrogen. They think mom is the crazy lady trying to put tea tree oil on everything from a pimple to a bug bite. (Think about the Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) Of course I got defensive when even my husband called me nuts. I mean…I’ve done the research! Don’t question the knowledge of mom! And I can testify that I use it myself! Why would you doubt me?!! And so the argument went on. But I feel like I won. And I sent them this link from to back up my argument. And then I found this list at of 25 Uses of Tea Tree Oil that made me super happy, so I thought I’d share with all of you. And I’ll rest my case. Get your tea tree oil on amazon here and then tell us how you use it…I need more ammunition for next time.

Just A Few Things To Do On Snow Days


It’s not just #Superbowl Sunday in Chicago. It’s #snowmageddon or #snowpocolypse or as we used to call it…Snow Day! No School! Yay! Whether you love love love looking outside and feeling like you’re living in a snow globe or hate hate hate being stuck inside trying to figure out what to do with the kids, we have some answers for you. Check out 8 Simple Ways for a Fun Snow Day from She has some great ideas to make those negative outside temps a little more bearable while you’re stuck inside. And if you are brave enough to venture out, first and foremost, dress those kiddos appropriately and be ready to warm them up as soon as they come in. Hot chocolate never hurt anyone! Second, have some old fashion fun with snowmen, snow forts, and my favorite of all time, snow angels. These 10 Fun Things To Do In The Snow – Outside are easy enough for older kids to even handle without your help. But if you’re feeling like a kid again and are looking forward to making those perfect family pics that we all envy on Facebook and Pinterest, then here’s a chart from for you to check how many calories you’ve burned out there. Bonus!

20 Post Workout Foods That Are The Most Beneficial (And Easy!)

Would you judge me if I told you that I’m trying to be healthy(er) but I HATE exercising…really really hate it…like more than anything? I don’t know why. Everyone keeps telling me that once I’m doing it, I’ll feel great. I’ll have so much energy after my workout is done and I’ll want to eat better foods because I’ll be motivated. Nobody works out and then goes and eats ice cream, right? Wrong. For me, that is just wrong. I go to an 8:15am spin class after dropping off my boys at school and after I’m done, all I want to do is eat pizza and take a nap. I’m exhausted the entire day after that hour. What am I missing? Maybe this list of 20 Post Workout Foods from will help boost my energy and keep me satisfied. Here’s hoping…



Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Herbs and Oils


I’ve been married for almost 16 years and ever since I’ve known my husband, he’s suffered with the ongoing cycle of stuffy nose that leads to a stuffy head that leads to headaches and a sinus infection. He lives for days without sleep because he can’t stop blowing his nose all night…which means this girl doesn’t get any sleep either. He’s had surgery on his sinus cavities to connect them all together and visited multiple allergists that tell him he doesn’t have allergies. At this point, we don’t know what to do and can only do our best to help him treat the symptoms when these flare-ups happen, which is usually once a week (lasting 2-3 days, if he’s lucky). He’s tried everything that anyone has ever told us but suffers anyway. The swollen bags under his eyes make me feel so bad for him. Recently, I’ve seen A LOT of stuff on social media about essential oils but I just dismissed them as one more thing I need to catch up on. Then the other day, a mom at school was chatting with me on our way to get the kids and brought up the topic again. Hmmm…maybe there’s something to this.

In Germany, Americans are known for our crazy approach to pumping our kids full of medicine at the first sign of something. But there, they definitely used a more holistic approach to medicine before prescribing an antibiotic. And I must admit, it took awhile to get used to the fact that even if I took my boys to the doctor, they would probably just tell me something similar to what my grandma used to. Go home, turn on the hot shower and let them sit in the steam, put wet washcloths on the radiators while they sleep, and keep the window cracked for the cold, fresh air to come in. Oh, and once, the pediatrician told me to just give him “more cuddles”. True story.

Anyway, I started searching online for more information about these essential oils and what can I do to 1) help my husband with his ongoing suffering and 2) how can they help when the inevitable cold creeps into this house via the school kids. listed a few great methods on how to steam the herbs and essential oils through a shower and diffuser. Oh, and Bonus! There’s all you need to know about which herb treats which ailment. I really need to get that herb garden going, I guess. Or maybe I’ll start with these essential oils that I found on What a great starter set! We’d love to hear how you use your herbs and oils 🙂