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Growing Tulips Indoors…What?!

growing tulips indoors

Ummm…what?!!! I have so many thoughts about the chance to grow tulips indoors, I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t even get them to make sense in my head so that I can put them on paper.

There are a few things cheaper in Germany (and most of Europe) than in America. 1) Fresh baked bread 2) Wine/Beer 3) Gelato is only 1 Euro per scoop and 4) Fresh flowers. Fresh Flowers!!! WHY are they so expensive here?! There are FIELDS of fresh flowers growing on the side of the roads in Germany with a sign and a can to put your money in. You picked your own flowers and put your money in the can. It’s based on the honor system and we LOVED it!

When I left Germany, I had to give away 3 orchids, 2 lavender plants, a jasmine bush, a small lemon tree, and a couple of unidentifiable houseplants that were impossible to kill despite my lack of a green thumb. I’ve been living in our new (rented) house in Florida for 2 months now and I have yet to buy any flowers or plants. Just one orchid is $20!!!

Anyway, my love for tulips is deep. Like as deep as it is for peonies and hydrangeas. But I don’t see them everywhere here like I did in Germany. I don’t even know if they can survive in this Florida weather. THIS could be the answer to all my problems…well, maybe not ALL my problems…but it will make this girl smile every morning.